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At Protea Coaching, WE KNOW YOU.

Stressed out, maxed out, bummed out, tapped out…

you NEVER reach out. And we know why.

Because you are strong | self-sufficient | smart | a problem-solver | a leader.

You keep everything inside | don’t know who to trust | don’t know who would care | never ask for help | yet always help others | wouldn’t want to burden anyone | clench your jaw and deal with shit on your own.

Who would you call anyway? Employees | spouse | vendors | your professional network | your mom | your college buddies? Ha! Yeah, right. But….

rotary phone to call coach rachel french

Wouldn’t it be awesome if YOU had a coach you could call practically ANY TIME? No rotary dialing required? Someone who is definitely 100% on your side | super smart | can help you solve problems | business savvy | cool | likes you but doesn’t love you | doesn’t feel burdened when you vent | a helluva marketing chick | nonjudgmental | trustworthy | a little irreverent | sometimes a LOT irreverent | doesn’t want anything from you | and is just totally and completely dedicated to helping you | and even gets excited about it? (Yeah, you read that right: actually gets excited about helping YOU!)

I AM THAT COACH. I’m Rachel French, CPC, business + leadership + performance coach. I work with successful men and a few ballsy women–smart folks who want to: be better leaders, make more money, market more effectively, motivate their employees, get more leisure time, and eliminate their inner shit. I am both very kind + pretty kickass. I. LOVE. THIS. WORK. 

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